Friends of Friends

by Orson & The Rosebuds

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Always just a little too late. Always just a little too soon. But now it's done and and it's here for all to listen. We hope you enjoy 'Friends of Friends' as much as we enjoyed making it. There's always more songs to come, but for now we'll let them be rosebuds. Here's to friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, and...

Orson & the Rosebuds

INSTRUMENTALS: All album songs
REMIXES: Hits (NEW WOW Remix), Hits (Re_vess Remix), War (Heartbreaker Remix)
DEMOS: Up To Speed, Grow Up, Blue Light Love, Finding My Voice, Shorts Weather, Spectronoma (Speedrun)
MISC: Later Days (Instrumental), Echoes (Instrumental), Contact!, Sunshine (feat. Emily Rissoff) [EXC Version], Up To Speed (Live)
PLUS the 'Friends of Friends Songbook' PDF with chords and lyrics!


released November 24, 2017

FEATURING ON VOCALS (unless otherwise noted):
Andrea DeLuca (2); Andrew Whitaker [Saxophone] (1,14); Anthony Giordano (1); Amanda Haag (1,12); Brittany Joline (11); Carl [Cello] (12); Christian DeKnatel; Emily Rissoff (4); Isaac Schutz [&Viola] (7); Jack Murtha (9); Joe Sung-Rae (3, 10); John Syzonenko (6); Joseph Lew (8); Kegs (10); Leina Xu [Carl] (12); NEW WOW [Synthesizer] (5); Nick D’Apice (12); Nick Smith [Drums] (9); Rishi Shah [Bass] (8); Sidney Gish (5); Suraya Foster (14); Tessa Berliner (13); Timothy Scheinert [Guitar] (7,14); Tim Orth [Bass] (7)

Music by Christian DeKnatel (1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14); Christian DeKnatel and Emily Rissoff [@EmilyRissoff] (5); Christian DeKnatel and NEW WOW [@NewWowMusic] (6)

Lyrics by Andrea DeLuca (2,12), Christian DeKnatel and Joe Sung-Rae [@JoeSungRae] (3), Christian DeKnatel (1,4,6,9,11,13,14), Emily Rissoff (5), Joseph Lew (8), Kegs (10), NEW WOW (6), Tiffany Yu (7)

Recorded in: Boston, MA; Eastchester, NY; San Mateo, CA; West Orange, NJ; Corfu, Greece

Special Thanks: Mom, Dad, Brother, Yiayia, Pappou, Nick Smith, Andrew Whitaker, Joseph Kim, Murray Sandmeyer, Isaac Schutz, Anthony Giordano, Kevin Wingertzahn, Bobby Martin, Adam Browne, John Mastroberardino, Nicholas Comas, Matt Salerno, Juri Tanaka, Michael Goldstein, Sandy Chilson, Miltos Koustas, Christina Katechis, Jeremy Eng, Suzanne Becker, Sunandhaa Narashiman, Jacob Seeger, Jason Chin, Tim Early, Tom Culman, Jake Jura, Matthew Pham, Patrick Hanbury, Ben Lagan, Madeleine Shay, No Jokes Improv Troupe, NU Student Composers Club, Re_vess, Nik Kos, and so many more :)

Album Art by Laura Brown (@swaggiebrowne) & Christian DeKnatel
Mixed by Christian DeKnatel
Mastered by Connor Eichinger (

Album credits google sheet (w/ links to plugs):


all rights reserved



Orson & The Rosebuds Boston, Massachusetts

Call us anything. Just don't call us late for dinner.

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Track Name: It's Science (feat. Anthony Giordano)

It's Science
It’s magic
It's everything
In between
It's first
It's last
It's love and
It's keeping me clean


I couldn't count to calculate
I couldn't try a spell to cast
For a frigid night I feel fantastic
And knowing that, I feel fly
We tear through the clouds, now bellow,
Icy atmosphere in our lungs
Accelerating like we're falling down
It's relative with stars around

[Chorus] riff!

[Chorus Harmony]

No-Non-sense riffing
Track Name: Leave No Trace (feat. Andrea DeLuca)
Defining your expressions
Trying to calculate
I insist it’s chance
While you insist it’s fate
But it’s too late

I’m packin’ up my clothes
And I am leaving this place
I’m packin’ up my records
And I will not leave a trace

I hate the way that it ended
It was my fault
I took too many chances with your heart
And you would say I’m guilty
Of breaking everything apart
But you are too


It was a one way street
And you were driving
Although you smile inside your cryin
And runnin red lights to avoid the pain
Let me take the wheel I’m changing


We have tried
To make it like it used to
But there’s no use to

Track Name: Blue Light Love (feat. Joe Sung-Rae)
Away, as close as we’d ever be
Waves play in a binary sea
Violins in LED
A 2-digit harmony
I see (I see) compressed candlelight
Keep me bright blue all night
Be a sorry sight
Miss a data flight

Blue light lovers love it like
The limelight lives
Where the musics dead,
But the beats alive
And blue light lovers love it like
The green light nights
Where the colors blend
To the color blind

[2/4 measure break, right into...]

[Let it ride]

We met upper atmosphere
Defined a language unclear
Waves we could never hear
Locked in our blue fear
To think, shake your head and stare
To blink, show the world you care
You’re breathing air
Who, what, when and where


Thumbs on the letter keys
Every word I incorrectly spell
Already Feel the program fix grammatically
Palms shaking nervously
Even though no face to face,
She'll get a taste of weird
If I share a bit of me
Do I start off with a Hi
Or maybe ask a question
Tease her with a pun
She might see me as a joke
uh oh uh oh uh oh
The blue light's my reflection
I'm not even up on stage
But I think I might just choke
Take a second breathe the dusty oxycontin from the screen
Numb your sense with a sample of my ill-percepted dream
A projection of my dashing insecurities
Flaunting her gratuities
She's kinda sweet but imagine what shell do to me
Princess dominatrix let her title be
Every thing about her not the meal, the bite
She be dtf tonight
If not the night is young
A sea of matches minus one
Swiping left or right to find Miss Right
Where the hell is all this scrutiny
But i know its moot
Burning tinder stinging bumble
Cos my hand in this is buried deep beneath the root
I can't do much
So I'll open up my phone again, let's try again
I hope that love a stoke of luck

Track Name: Sunshine (feat. Emily Rissoff)
Would you be my, my sunshine,
And I could be your sunshine too.
‘Cus lately in my eyes,
The sun doesn’t shine as bright as you
The sun shine don’t shine as bright as
Don’t deny it ‘cus you know it’s true
The sun shine don’t shine as bright as
Don’t deny it ‘cus you know it’s true


Would you be my, my sunshine?
And I could be your sunshine too.
Cus I’ve been so lonely
But when you’re here the sky is blue
Don’t you know that you glisten
I see it when I look at your face
And we both know when you deserve
Than any of em’ ever gave


Be my sunshine
‘Cus you and I will have a great time
Be my sunshine
‘Cus we will shine together even at night
Ooohs and Ahhhs
Rise in the east
Set in the west
I know I know you are the very best
Shine a brand new light
Over my life
It is worth the try
It is worth the try
So won’t you!

[Chorus] (Oh-ohs to melody)


Don’t deny it ‘cus you know it’s true
Don’t deny it ‘cus you know it’s true
Track Name: War (feat. NEW WOW & sidney gish)
You’ve got a personality
And mine’s just like yours
We hate doing the same thing
That’s why we try so hard
You come home after 3 am
And I don’t even care
Playback some of our memories
You’ll see what I think of you it’s true and

I’ve been trying,
but I don’t think you’ll stay
I’ve been lying,
and I've been getting my way
I’ve been thinking about breaking up
so what do you say
I’ve been lying,
and I've been getting my way

I’ll start a war
I’ll start a war
I’ll start a war
I’ll start a war
I’ll start a war
Your word’s full of poison
(I’ll start a war)
Our bond’s burnt to carbon
(I’ll start a war)
Tongues tied in a ribbon
(I’ll start a war)
Ain’t happy if I ain’t winnin’

The sun’s
shining on brighter days
When I
think of you dead
My friends told me they’re over it
Maybe we should be too
I’ve got bigger and better things
Than the mess that we’ve made
We’ve had
pretty good times my friend
But now we just fight and cry and lie and

(Prechorus) x2

I’ve got no patience left
Please don't come back
Cause It’s for the best X4
(Prechorus) x2
Track Name: Man of a Thousand Smiles (feat. John Syzonenko)

Mr. Mona Lisa has something to say
For which he's been waiting patiently
No rush for the guy counting the days
Cos time takes itself too seriously
Hey, why don't you smile?
No, don't take it too seriously

Man of a thousand smiles
He's got enough to count, but not
enough to waste
To the man of a thousand smiles
A thousand feels a lifetime too short
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na, na na na na

Mr. Mona Lisa is wishing his days away
Waiting for nothing to enumerate
Cos it's the end, not the story to him
It's the time, not on which day it ticks

What counts most in a countdown's
ghost? (x4)

[Guitar Solo]

Short, short
Track Name: Wind n Waves (feat. Isaac Schutz)
Have you ever been just
When your head falls off?/
Doesn't it, doesn't it/
feel exactly the same?

Watch how my eyes go milky/
Thinking of him too much/
Let's make your sight cloud
Have you had enough?
Track Name: Hits
I’ve been thinking ‘bout your company
How long I been without it
Where are you, baby?
And lately,
I’ve been waking up and staring
At the ceiling cos I feel so empty
Where are you, baby?

It feels so good
It rings my soul
Nothing else matters when I look into
your eyes damn
It feels so good
I can’t control
How I feel
When you, you are near.

Save me
From the emptiness inside of me
You know I can’t live without you baby
Don’t leave me
Change me
Yes you have it you keep making me
The person that I want to be
Don’t leave me, baby


And lately,
I’ve been waking up and staring
At the ceiling cos I feel so empty
Where are you, baby?
I’ve been thinking ‘bout your company
How long I been without it
Where are you, baby?

Track Name: Up To Speed (feat. Jack Murtha)

On the clock she's always always running
Takes her time in an hourly dose
But she can't get enough for herself
No she's never even close
Cause she’s always at the races
On the track and in the rough
Shes Betting against the numbers
Calling all their bluffs

Cause she's a girl who knows
Yeah she's a girl who knows
She's the girl (barbershop it)
Who knows

She's up to speed in all she reads
Never has everything she needs
A faster talker loving slow
Always has somewhere to go
She'll swim upstream for her team
Uncommon conflicts are a common theme
Won't slow down to catch her breath
Cause there’s time well after death


I didn't expect the whirlwind
But I guess that’s my own fault
I knew she'd spin me right around
When my gaze she went and caught

Look I'm in it for the guessing
And she’s in it for the games
And we're in it for the late nights
Early mornings just the same
I could've checked the index
To see just what she's got
But that would've killed the wonder
Would've ruined all the shock

Track Name: Know About It (feat. Kegs)

I have written all my emotions
Give my life and friends
My dedication
No surprise I found no ambition
Try hard but saw no inspiration
Live my life like it’s my last
Live my life like I’m gonna die
Taking time out of my grind
But it’s no one’s business


Da da da da
Da da da da
Daa daa
Da da da da
Da da da da
Daa daa

Ah, Ah, Yeah
And I know about it
And I know about it
And I know about it, yeah

[Drum break]

[self-indulgent Guitar Solo]

[On the edge of just being noise]

[In reverse]

Track Name: Grow Up (feat. Brittany Joline)

You've got nothing left to give
You've got it right
But how long can you stand tall?
When they collect all the shine
Of your brightest smile
I'll feel your ten stories fall
From blocks away
Sharp knives just chop away
Come in from the brutal sun
A spotlight's shine undone

They run out, they dismount
They fall down just like everyone
Oh they talk, how they sing,
But they don't hear just anyone


Though I've got no business asking
Could marble shine so long
When the acid is eating tomorrow away
And the flags left up are crawling down
In dark rooms,
bright lights consume
When all you've got left to love
Is living
Just to be undone



[Break II]

Track Name: Given the Chance (feat. Amanda Haag & Nick D'Apice)

You know how to kiss me
You know how to take my breath away
We can go the distance
We can run while everybody stays

They think we don't listen
they think we are out of our damn minds
we don't need permission
we don't need to sit here wasting time

Given the Chance
We won't squander what we've got
A new romance
We will give it our best shot


Time just keeps on falling
Time just keeps on drifting out to sea
and when I hear you calling
When I hear you calling out to me

I'm on the run
I'm on the run right back to you
And what we've done
What we've done can only be true


Track Name: Tomorrow's Snowbirds (feat. Tessa Berliner)

Am I one for perfection
Or am I anxious
Go worlds away and
Never leave this place
Sell me on Sunday
Leave me on Fridays
Steal my weekends
and set me sideways

I'm a product of the time
It's not a fault of mine
It's nothing new
and if you're here
it must be true

Let's be tomorrow's snowbirds
Flying away when it gets too cold
There's no need for winter
And no need for us to get too old

No more escapist fiction
could ever save my soul
Empty words couldn't
be my hand to hold
Rolling waves of text
a punch to the face
Periodic bruises
rushing to erase

I'm here with you
What am I to do?
I don't what I don't know
and that's what scares me most


Track Name: Spectronoma (feat. Suraya Foster)

Red green
Yellow blue
I've never met
A color like you
Light up the night
Collapsing star
Blowing up bright
From so very far

I know it's safe
I know it's best
Looking like Chroma
I would have never guessed
In the blink of an eye
I'm caught in your wave
Caught in the rays
A memory to save

Dropping colors like bombs
Rods and Cones set alight
Radiation warming my blood
Fading with you


The hue (the hue)
The hue in my dreams (hue in my dreams)
Splashed from the night
To the day's color schemes
Look so loud
Supernova sound
Shining light
On a vacant background

Red green
Yellow blue
Sketch a name
For me to call you
Set the canvas alight
Sets you apart
Misnomers abound
In enigmatic art

[Chorus] (NO fading with you)
[Chorus] (YES fading with you)

Red green
Yellow blue
I've never met
A color like you

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